Assist teachers to plan effectively, aware of any gaps in learning and cognisant of the requirements of the curriculum they are working towards. In many schools planning also involves the learning being "flipped" so that pupils themselves drive the learning process.


Having established curriculum plans now is the time to teach with access to high quality learning resources and tools that make it simple to assemble lessons in minutes. Of particular interest is the creation of tasks and tests that can be assessed.


Assessment is at the heart of the learning process. We believe in assessment for learning, AfL, and the need for assessment to help the learning process through the clear identification of learner strengths and any gaps in skill or understanding.


CES LearnSmart is part of the Commonwealth Education Trust whose roots go back to 1886 and the establishment by Queen Victoria of the Imperial Institute to mark her 50th year on the throne. This became the Commonwealth Institute. The Institute is now the Commonwealth Education Trust - entrusted with the funds originating in the great public subscription.

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The aim of Commonwealth Education Solutions (CES) is to help support learning across the Commonwealth to enable all children access to education. We believe that all children have an equal right to learn regardless of their background or upbringing and that education is the core foundation to allow development and opportunity to thrive. We are working with schools in the UK and in other Commonwealth countries to deliver cloud-based products and services tailored to their own curriculum, learning and teaching needs.
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